SynergyCP quirks

I’ll document my experiences with SynergyCP on my blog to help future network- and sysadmins with their SyCP mishaps.

As a system and network administrator for a hosting company, SynergyCP is a well-known name to me. Considering the price, it’s a pretty good deal for managing dedicated servers for various clients. However, it definitely isn’t without its quirks which can quickly grind one’s workflow to a wondering halt. Like a proper boomer, I prefer to run my networks on Cisco switches, which, while very fast, don’t always play nicely with SyCP’s temperament. I’ll document them here on my blog to help future network- and sysadmins with their SyCP mishaps.

block-for intolerance

My installation of SynergyCP really doesn’t like the block-for feature on my 3750-X Catalysts and raises SSH offset errors on every single connection attempt. I tried raising the threshold on the login attempts, but I didn’t look into it very deply (yet).

The solution: disable any block-for statements. I am aware that this impacts switch security, but you have SSH ACLs on your switches, don’t you? :^)

HP ML110 G6 iLO password reset

A really quick post to help others that encountered the same problem as me. The iLO 100 remote management system on the HP ProLiant ML110 G6 server can’t be password reset with a jumper or a similarly simple measure. It involves a DOS boot disk and a certain ipmitool command that resets the username “admin” to password “admin”. To save time, I made a working bootable image using FreeDOS. Unzip and flash it to a USB drive, boot from the drive, and then exit to DOS prompt. From there, run:


The program should complete successfully and you should be able to log into the iLO with username admin and password admin.

Download the disk image here!