Getting mad at the EU

This is a departure from the usual topics posted here, but I believe that a comment on this, regardless of its relevance, is neccessary from each and every open-source contributor.

The European Union is a rather strange bird. Our friends at r/PoliticalCompassMemes sum it up rather nicely:

r/PoliticalCompassMemes - EU compass of expectation

So far, the colossus seems to be powering through a lot of real nasty laws real fast, and after Article 13 has been thankfully shat all over by American multinationals, the European Comission has decided that commercial products containing software defined radios should be mostly locked down to prevent non-compliance with standards, reliability issues and other vaguely defined words. The bottom line is that flashing firmware onto anything radio-enabled is bad and should be disabled/locked in the EU. I believe that most of my readers have flashed something with OpenWRT by now and understand how much bullshit their claims hold.

So what can you do about it?
I recommend you read Hackaday’s article first as it’s written by a more proficient and knowledgeable person, and then proceed straight to the ironically-named Better Regulation portal and fill in the feedback form with some reasonable words of wireless freedom advocacy.

That’s all I ask from the rare visitor I get from time to time, thanks if you followed the call to action and stay tuned for future articles!

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