SynergyCP quirks

As a system and network administrator for a hosting company, SynergyCP is a well-known name to me. Considering the price, it’s a pretty good deal for managing dedicated servers for various clients. However, it definitely isn’t without its quirks which can quickly grind one’s workflow to a wondering halt. Like a proper boomer, I prefer to run my networks on Cisco switches, which, while very fast, don’t always play nicely with SyCP’s temperament. I’ll document them here on my blog to help future network- and sysadmins with their SyCP mishaps.

block-for intolerance

My installation of SynergyCP really doesn’t like the block-for feature on my 3750-X Catalysts and raises SSH offset errors on every single connection attempt. I tried raising the threshold on the login attempts, but I didn’t look into it very deply (yet).

The solution: disable any block-for statements. I am aware that this impacts switch security, but you have SSH ACLs on your switches, don’t you? :^)






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